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In this months Automotive Spotlight we have Cauy Farrell’s 1996 Honda Civic. I know, I know, you always see this generation of Honda on the road, but let us tell you why this one is very special.

When we first saw this car at our Spring Showdown event a few months ago it peaked our interest. First it was the roof rack that caught our photographer’s eye, but as we looked the car over we couldn’t help but notice the time, love, and creativity that was instilled into this amazing creation.

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Lets start off with a little bit of a background check.

In our interview with Cauy we learned the back story to the car. Cauy always had a love for the body style of this generation Honda. Put that with the huge selection of aftermarket parts and a will to make it stand out and this is what he has created.

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Here’s one of so many reasons why it’s so special to us. It has legit Buddy Club P1s and a sweet dark paint job to accent the custom purple engine bay. Interior wise it has a custom headliner, MEG quick release steering wheel and a K- Tuned Pro Circuit short shifter. For audio he added a Pioneer double din deck paired with Kicker door speakers to give Cauy some tunes. AEM wide band gauge, Glow Shift oil pressure and boost gauges also inhabit the interior. Tucked away is K-Sport Coil Overs, Black Works Racing 3 point front strut bar and rear strut bar. BWR lower control arms with front and rear camber kits. Finally under the hood sits a built single cam on low psi…. 18 pounds of forced air goodness.

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Just like all projects there was some grief in the build. Wiring issues, and all the little things that not many mention when building engines. Cauy hopes to build a K-Series motor in the future to swap in place of the current single cam to increase his numbers on the dyno.

Inspiration on the build came from his older brother Dustyn. “My biggest influence is my big brother Dustyn. He helps me and teaches me how to do things that he has learned. He has helped me quite a bit with this build.” It has been that Influence which motivates him to have a fast street car that will also turn heads at the show.

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Since owning it for a year now his favorite modification is the turbo setup. “My turbo is my favorite modification because it gives more power and turns heads especially when people find out it’s a single cam.”
We absolutely love this car, and hope that many of you do as well. Thank you again Cauy, we hope to see you at our future events!

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Pictures by: Dennis Minter & Nick Irving

Article by: Rafael A. Marquez

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