They say a woman’s best friend is the diamond on her finger, but this diamond is something much more. It comes in the color of Red, on a gorgeously crafted BMW body. Let’s add this little “M” emblem to distinguish it from the rest and you’ve got yourself a 625HP Supercharged E92 BMW that demands your soul. Ah yes, what would a wonderful woman do without her favorite car in the world? Simple, she wouldn’t be as happy behind the wheel as Elizabeth Stairs with her 2010 Melbourne Red BMW E92 M3.

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The Melbourne Red “M3”

This amazing build started off its life as a 2010 E92 BMW M3 with Vorsteiner hood and trunk lid in the showroom. From minute one Elizabeth had to have this red beauty. It was at this moment when she was handed the keys, and started the M3 in the showroom. Walls rumbling, glass shaking from the Auto Werks Exhaust, all of this made her feel right where she wanted to be. Previously working with Garrett Turbocharger Corp, and the owner of many performance motorcycles and cars she knew this was the one. The rest from there on was only the start of a new life to the M3.

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Racecar with a hint of class.

What sets this BMW apart from the rest? Elizabeth’s Style! Everyone likes to make their car unique, and Elizabeth is no stranger to this. Probably one of the most unique BMW’s on the road, it all started off with a simple mindset. “Multiple senses of automotive achievements, but keeping it classy although she could put down plenty of power when needed”. It was a high performance car to begin with and making it hers with personal touches to portray her style.

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Modifications you say?

This BMW has gone through many phases since the first day she saw it at the dealer with its Auto Werks Exhaust, Vorsteiner hood, and matching trunk lid. Shortly after she added her first set of 20” chrome Vorsteiner rims marking the first modifications to the beast. At this point the car had a respectable 450 HP, but in 2012 she thought to add more performance. Working with Goodspeed performance, and ESS Tuning she decided on the ESS VT2-625 Intercooled Supercharger. Just to make sure looked as good as it performed, at the last minute she had chosen to pay extra to have the ESS Supercharger manifold painted to match the Melbourne red color on the exterior.

“Was pricey but well worth it when you open up the hood.” – Elizabeth Stairs

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The next additions were carbon fiber side skirts, carbon fiber shifter paddles, and other carbon fiber accent pieces. She then removed the 20′ chrome Vorsteiner rims, and went to a smaller 19′ Vorsteiner wheels which where lighter and improved the overall performance. The rims are Vorsteiner flow forged V-FF 103’s wrapped in PRO CUP 2 tires for added grip. Stock brakes were upgraded to Brembo which are also color coded to the Melbourne red to match the M3. Finally she added coilovers to improve handling performance at the track. Many of the new modifications helped greatly when racing at the track.

“All the mods made the car feel much different when you actually race it.” -Elizabeth Stairs

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Problems? What Problems?

There really weren’t any problems. The biggest “problem” being that she’s on her third front bumper lip. Why you ask? Most anyone who has a low sports car with a lip on it will see it getting torn up constantly. Currently Elizabeth is torn on the idea of making the M3 faster and tracking it, but will only stop if she finds a new platform to demand her love for higher performance.

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There can only be one, well maybe two…. or three.

What is your favorite modification and why? Almost like asking a person which of their children is their favorite. In this case Elizabeth’s favorite modification is the Auto Werks Exhaust system. It gives the car that sense of performance, especially from the first moment you start up the M3. It doesn’t stop there. Second favorite is the ESS VT2-625 Intercooled Supercharger that pumps the mighty M3 up to 625 HP! Wait a 3rd favorite modification? This is also one of our personal favorites. The custom Vorsteiner hood. Next to the paint color, the hood is the next item you first look at on most any vehicle. An aggressive hood that matches the overall style always makes the masterpiece of any car. Group these mods together and they make the car feel in unity, as a master piece should.

IMG_9209-1 (800x533)The need for speed, performance, and looks.

½ mile racing at No Fly Zone captured Elizabeth’s love for high performance, and since the first event in Arizona she was hooked to get quicker and more top end performance. Having the ESS Supercharger before the first event of No Fly Zone she quickly realized that she needed to up the game. It was then she realized that to bring her M3 up not just in power, but in aesthetics as well. Her biggest inspiration to continue with new modifications had to be Elizabeth’s involvement at the Vorsteiner booth at Bimmer Fest 2015. There she had the opportunity to meet John Schafer creator of Bimmer Fest. While doing all of this, she has become more involved with the car and made numerous friends along the way she can count on.

NoFlyZoneAZ3-54 (800x533)Shiny Trophies!

Winning many awards and trophies, Elizabeth has attended numerous Arizona No Fly Zone events, and Race Wars where she received Arizona’s Fastest Female trophy. She was awarded this for hitting between 154-155mph in the ½ mile at Gila Bend Municipal Airport. But that wasn’t her best trophy yet, at Bimmer Fest 2015 she was awarded Toyo Tires Battle of the Bimmers Trophy for best female. This was a huge achievement and an amazing award for Elizabeth, creating more confidence in her car than ever before. Taking home that enormous trophy had boosted her outlook on the future of the M3.

Here are a few more awards:
1st place Euro Semi-Custom at Bring the Noize show in February 2016
Best in show at BMWCCA show April 2016

IMG_9277-1 (800x533)Future of the Mighty M3

The biggest question to anyone who gets to a momentary stopping point with their vehicles is, “What are your plans for it for the future?” Luckily this isn’t the M3’s final stage. In the list of upcoming modifications include BMW M6 GT3 racing stripes, which is why there’s silver and black wrap on currently. As well as swapping out the tail lights for updated LED Tail Lights for a more modern look. Performance wise, she plans on switching to a smaller supercharger pulley for 50HP more to bump it up to 675 HP, Along with different rear end gearing for better off the line performance. Lastly, she will be finishing up the wrap job that EA WARPS did back in January 2016. We hope to see all these future modifications very soon.

IMG_9220-1 (800x533)IMG_9246-1 (800x533)The Vault

Vault Motorsports, Goodspeed Performance, Phoenix GT, AZ BMW Crew, and AZ BMW Group are some groups and clubs Elizabeth is part of in the community.

This was our favorite part, meeting the Vault Motorsports Group at Elizabeth’s photo shoot. A shop only a true automotive enthusiast could dream of one day owning. Super cars, track cars, R33 GTR, and a few lotus cars is just a hint of what you get to see. Everyone has a very humble vibe, and welcoming to anyone. They also play a huge part in the making of the M3, and its performance. EA Wraps wrapped the M3 days before the Phoenix GT trip from Phoenix to San Francisco which took 4 days, with 25+ Exotic Supercars. The vault group went out of their way to finish up the car the night before Bimmer Fest and drove it there at 1am when the show setup was at 6am.

A big shout out to the Vault Group, for making us feel very welcome!

As all great things have to come to an end, the making of this article was much more fun than anticipated. We look forward to working more with Elizabeth and the Vault Group on future ventures and hope to share some great times with Elizabeth and her beautiful M3 at the track and on the strip!

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Photos & Words by: Rafael A. Marquez

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