Dennis Minter

Dennis is probably best known for his obsession for all things carbon fiber and his silver ’97 EK hatch, which has been dubbed as the “50 Shades of Grey Car” and is seemingly a constant fixture at events in the valley. However, his roles within DSS are anything but constant as his energy is often spent doing various tasks like maintaining the website, snapping photos at events, updating our Facebook page, or serving as the lead for event coordination. But even with all he does for the team, he still enjoys nothing more than connecting with other automotive enthusiasts, which is why you’ll not only see him taking pictures at events, but also stopping to ask what your newest mod is or to tell you about the best places to go for the parts you’re looking for.

Kat Montgomery

Having been a part of the scene here in the valley for only two years, Kat is still a relative newcomer to what being a car enthusiast means, but that doesn’t limit her passion for all things automotive related in any way! She spends a lot of her time behind the scenes working with clubs, vendors, and local businesses, assisting in the maintenance of our Facebook page, and writing the majority of our articles. You will also see her at meets, shows, and other events, bubbly greeting everyone as she walks around, trying to pull people into conversation about their vehicle. Being the only female in DSS, Kat proudly rocks her all pink Desert Street Scene banner on her black and hot pink 2012 Scion iQ, and is always eager to talk to those in the scene as she hunts down her next spotlight article subject.

Nick Irving

Nick has been a part of the car community for many years and has been with Desert Street Scene since inception. As one of the founders, he handles public relations and is often talking face to face with our participants and the vendors at our shows. His main drive is his family and passion for performance vehicles. He has a beautiful wife and daughter, and currently resides in the west valley. You may also see him out and about on occasion in his bright blue 240sx, so don’t hesitate to say hi because he always enjoys meeting new people and making new friends.