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     Some enthusiasts focus their attentions on their vehicle’s power; some enthusiasts go more for the looks; and then there are those of us who try to find the perfect combination of the two, which if done correctly results in nothing less than pure sex flying by you at breakneck speed. Michael Strickland certainly appears to have found that happy medium that we all strive for in his ten second, 2010 Camaro SS. The inferno orange and black beauty is the beast that it is thanks to not only a lot of Michael’s hard work, but also is the final result of many hours that were put in by the guys down at Cordes Performance in Mesa, taking it from being simply amazing up to the next level. Having been raised a Chevy guy, Michael Strickland certainly isn’t a new comer to the domestic scene, especially when you consider that his current love is the fourth Camaro he’s owned to date, but the experience of having owned similar cars certainly hasn’t dulled his passion for the ride. In fact, when we asked why he chose this particular vehicle when he could have easily chosen something different from his prior cars and that could still offer amazing power, he enthusiastically replied, “I am a diehard Camaro guy! I loved the color and package of the car when I first saw it, and I just knew I had to have it.”

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     His biggest problems with his build are some we can all relate to, like part delays and having the money to supplement his automotive habit while still keeping his family happy and unaware of the true cost of modding his car. But those problems appear to have been practically nonexistent when you look at the long list of performance and cosmetic mods Michael has already done, like putting on some 18” deep concave, piano black, Forgestar F14 wheels with Nitto tires, a GM high wing spoiler, a new SLP front splitter, smoking out the lights, and considering it’s AZ and the 2SS package includes those gorgeous leather seats, you know he’s got limo tint on. Under the hood he’s happy to show off his CPR Ported LS3 Intake Manifold, V-max Ported Throttle Body, BOV-BV57 blow off valve, and OBX LT Headers with Off Road Pipes, along with a plethora of mods you would never know were there unless you ran him, such as a custom Lunati Cam 231/240 .635 .610 on a 114+3 created by Corde’s Performance and the Mcleod RXT LSX Clutch & Flywheel. But his favorite mod is his Vortech V-7 YSI Polished Supercharger, giving him 722hp and 615tq on 10 psi, which he cites as being his favorite due to “the sound…the feeling in your pants never gets old, it turns heads and drops panties.” So whether he’s taking it out at Wildhorse or just enjoying a cruise through the twists of Jerome, with only 35k miles on it, it’s obvious there’s still plenty of life left in this subtly sexy car for Michael to enjoy.

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