Hidden within the industrial area of Mesa in a warehouse-like suite lies Soulless Performance, a modification shop that is so much more than its modest exterior presents, and once the bay door flies open on the 3,800 sq. foot work space, it’s obvious that you aren’t stepping in to just any garage. The space is filled with breath taking imports that are all there for the same reason: to have Travis Cooke, the owner of Soulless Performance, transform them from stock cars into automotive art. And though it wouldn’t be false to say that you can find Travis and the rest of his employees doing tunes and replacing clutches here, it would be more accurate to instead tell you that this is where game changers are born through blood, sweat, and modifications.


     Travis has always had a talent for looking passed what something was and instead seeing what it was capable of being, but it was when he got his driver’s license that a whole new world opened up for him. It may have begun as minor changes that any average teen might do to their first vehicle, but for him it then suddenly increased into a need to understand the intricate mechanisms under the hood and the science behind the aerodynamic shape of each of the car’s curves…and then to develop ways to make them better. As he grew into an adult, his passion continued to grow as well, resulting in him spending countless nights researching and perfecting his modification processes. After having seen his work, many began asking for him to modify their vehicles, and were perfectly content to have him create out of his small, two car garage, but he knew that he wanted to provide his customers with more. It was at this point that Soulless Performance was born.


     The team at Soulless Performance had dealt with various shops in the past, and had noticed a common distinguishing factor: when customers dropped off their vehicles, the other garages appeared to whisk the car away to a dark corner, perform some sort of black magic, then give it back to the customer with them having had limited involvement. They knew that wasn’t something that they wanted to do, so they set out with the mindset that, unlike their competition, instead of seeing a dollar sign when a car rolled into the shop, they would see a blank canvas that the team and the customer could create something on together. Since the doors first opened last December, it has been important for them that all builds done for their clients are done to meet the standards of the customer and in a way that complements their tastes, not the shop’s. If someone comes in looking for unspecific modifications, instead of telling them what they should do, the guys at Soulless Performance educate them on what they can do, thus putting the customer in control of the build. You won’t see any attempts to change your mind or up-sell here, but will see a team dedicated to providing each customer with a very personal and individualized experience. And though still relatively new in comparison to other shops in the valley, the future looks bright for this garage, and Travis is already considering looking for a larger location that will be able to more adequately accommodate not only his high volume of customers, but also the massive builds that he is creating for them. In fact, it is due to the large inflow of new and returning clients that the shop is no longer accepting any new requests for sponsorship; however, Mr. Cooke is entertaining the idea of accepting more applications at a later date.


     Soulless Performance does work closely with Xtreme Wheel Brokers and Element Powder, both of which come highly recommended for their unparalleled product and service, which can be seen firsthand by stopping by the garage during Dyno Day, the shop’s open house. The next open house is scheduled for Friday, August 29th at 6pm, and everyone is invited to test their metal on the all-wheel drive dyno at a cost of only forty dollars for three pulls, enjoy the free BBQ and drinks offered, and most importantly, get a sneak peek at some of Soulless Performance’s creations before they ever hit the street.


Article by: Kat Montgomery

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