Have you ever had that one special car that you thought you could only dream about?

     Like most of us in the automotive scene, Jose Robles AKA “Wrench”, had a dream to own one car in particular and spent a very long time working to make that dream a reality. It was about eight months ago when Jose had saved up enough money for his next project car, a 1989 Nissan Skyline GTST. A true JDM enthusiast’s dream machine the Skyline is known across the world and sought after by most every fan of Japanese automobiles. Jose decided to go with the four door sedan style R32 Skyline over the coupe and has since named the car Trinity.


     Jose’s inspiration for building cars goes back to his days of wrenching on his past project DSMs where he first became a fan of the 2.0 liter power plant with a large emphasis on John Shepard’s 7 second AWD Eagle Talon. It was because of the 2.0 engine that Jose opted for the GTS-T model sporting a RB20DET. Another aspect of the car he found interesting was the RWD layout as he was more familiar with AWD cars and wanted to try something a little different. Jose continues the trend of being different by claiming his style to be more of a factory or stock look to his vehicle. With so many aftermarket mods available today he chose to stand out with the natural beauty of his Skyline instead.



     After spending eight years dreaming of this car with two years searching for just the right one Jose has gathered a great list of future mods to add to the vehicle to accommodate the simple tasteful ones it has now. Performance over looks is the general direction this build will be heading and that is going to happen with larger turbo so that he crank up the boost and get some more excitement out of the car. Some performance mods on the vehicle currently include ARP hardware, Nismo short shifter, a Z1 Motorsports one-piece drive shaft, R32 GTR front mount intercooler, and plenty of Greddy goodies to include; 3” downpipe to his favorite modification, the 4” cat-back exhaust, turbo timer, and oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, and boost gauges. On the exterior the body is clean and fairly stock with Buddy Club P1 racing wheels, a vented hood, East Bear tail light covers and is finished off nicely with R33 Midnight Purple paint. At the corners are Tein HR Drift coilovers and AMS slotted rotors.


     Those of you who know what some people will go through to have a true JDM car that once belonged overseas will want to know a little bit of how Jose came across this car and how the importation of it went. When Jose started his search for a Nissan Skyline he first went to Craigslist and looked ads in Canada daily. At this point he had spent two years saving up for his dream car and came across some pretty good finds in some Skyline coupes, but these just weren’t the “right” ones. When he came across an ad for a four door Skyline he was intrigued, but the ad had no pictures displayed with it. He continued looking for a few months and kept seeing the same ad for the sedan and finally decide to give it a shot and sent an email. He received info back promptly with pictures and a full detail of the car and its history with the owner. As soon as he made up his mind he drove up to Vancouver, BC. Canada with his brother to purchase the car. Once there trying to cross the border back home with a Nissan Skyline the customs agents were stunned and had no clue what he was driving. A mere 45 minutes later customs cleared the car and allowed entry to the states after realizing the vehicles age and eligibility for importation. Everyone he spoke with was amazed that he would drive all the way to Canada to buy a car.


     The drive home was Jose’s greatest road trip experience, starting off with a 12 hour straight drive to Redding and stopping for a day. After continuing home and traveling down through California everyone he saw was super excited to see a Skyline cruising down the highway and he would occasionally have some fellow car enthusiasts drive by then slow down to see it again and proceed on with a big smile and a thumbs up. That kind of driving experience makes the wait well worth it to drive such an amazing car.

Article by: Dennis Minter
Photography by: Tony Nickolas

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