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     On April 18, 2015, before the sun had even begun its journey across the sky, thousands of automotive enthusiasts had already begun their journey towards Gila Bend, with one thing in mind: Race Wars Arizona. Though it was the first event of its kind it was still expected to have a great turnout; however, no one could have possibly anticipated the magnitude of its success as it broke records by bringing in an estimated 8,000 people from AZ and neighboring states. With warm weather, good food, and fast cars, the event hosted by Mr. Josh Nepa and his team was one that is currently paralleled by none, having surpassed attendance rates of other more recognized shows that have visited AZ, such as Import Face Off and Hot Import Nights. Desert Street Scene was thrilled to be on hand to not only snap a few pictures but to also enjoy the festivities that appeared to have come straight out of our favorite movie series.

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     Deep in the desert, thousands of cars worked their way to an isolated airstrip, eager to show their vehicles, or to more importantly, use their rides to settle some old time grudges by racing down the strip. Unfortunately, one of the biggest races that spectators had hoped to witness between Josh Nepa and Bryan Ashworth was unable to occur due to issues with a Mustang that closed down one of the lanes. However, Mr. Nepa issued a statement on a well-known automotive page stating that he has every intention in following through with the race at a later date, as he has no desire to let down those who are interested in witnessing the match.

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     Unfortunately, with an event of this size, there was bound to be a few issues occurring, one of which being that the volume of participants for the event far exceeded what had been anticipated. This resulted in many being turned away by local sheriffs due to occupancy laws. Other issues sited included food vendors running out of food and long lines, however, at the end of the day those in attendance did appear to have enjoyed the event in spite of these things. In reference to those issues, Mr. Nepa stated that “As an event promoter, you have a lot of responsibilities and many challenges. Today I learned a lot about how to overcome situations”, and we at Desert Street Scene are certain that he and the rest of his team will take the experience and knowledge gained from having hosted this overall amazing event to create something epic for their next.

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Article written by: Kat Montgomery
Photos by: Dennis Minter

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