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     A little over two years ago, Jamie Wertz acquired his current “toy” from an old friend of his, and since then he has spent his time, energy, and money like any true auto enthusiast would: pouring it all into his vehicle, a 1990 Nissan 240sx. When he began work on this build it was with the plan of just getting it on the road, but it quickly snowballed, and the goal of simply making it run morphed into the lofty challenge of making it into a one of a kind. Having won an award for Best Engine Bay at June Fest is only one indication that he is well on his way of reaching this goal though, with the rest being more obvious indicators such as you can just look at the car and know that the sex appeal that radiates from it is somewhat rare to find in a 240. After having spent six years stationed in Japan, he was afforded the opportunity drive and own cars that many of us have only dreamed of, which just fed into his love for the uncommon as well as all things JDM. And when these two factors combine, magic occurs and we are left with a beauty that is murder on the streets and can romance you at the meets.

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     Builds are seldom problem free, as there is usually the issue of repairing one part only to see a chain reaction of another part giving out and thus requiring attention too. Jamie, however, appears to have been one of the few auto enthusiasts that is the exception to this basic rule of thumb, as he stated that “Time spent waiting would be the biggest delay; either waiting for parts, delays in the build, or just time to save up for the next upgrade.” But even with time as his only enemy in the process of this build, his vision slowly began coming to life with every new part added or detail redone. His favorite modifications on his immaculate 240 are his body mods, with the most captivating and unique being the Silvia hood that he added, while still utilizing the original 240 styling of bumper, thus eliminating the pop up lights typical in this model and instead replacing them with LED projector light bars in each space that the pop up head light previously occupied. This not only gives a special something to the look of the nose, but makes the vehicle appear more aggressive overall.

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     In addition to his creative front end, other body work includes his Vector body kit that has been molded to the car, which had custom work done to recreate the appearance of the original bodylines from the kit. Origin Laboratories 55mm front and rear over fenders nicely meld with the body kit, making the look sleek and original, while the Rocket Bunny wing takes the classy body to a whole new level by adding in a subtly sexy flare. The stiffness of this vehicle is completely observable, and is credited to his ISIS Pro Full suspension and front and rear links with energy suspension poly bushings, while his front and rear sway bars decrease body roll to the extreme, resulting in one hell of a ride when you sit in his MK4 Supra seats. The engine has been swapped to a fully built SR20DET with S15 T28 turbo, thereby giving the gift of speed to a creation with the reputation of a vehicle mostly known for their ways of taking corners.

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     Jamie has big plans for the future of this beautiful 240, including things like adding a sound system and finishing up the already stunning interior, as well as adding a roll cage and a 5-lug swap with a Big Brake upgrade. The plan to swap his S15 T28 turbo for a big turbo, followed by an E85 tune is what we’re the most excited about seeing done though, as it would take this already lightning fast vehicle up to breakneck speeds that will decimate. But until those changes happen, he is still happy to roll this beauty into a meet with his team, Narcissistic Car Club, and to showcase the work of so many amazing automotive vendors in the valley. West Motors is responsible for the gorgeous body and paint work that was done, and he thanks Ken’s Polishing for making all the shiny bits look their best. Chris Vallet is who Jamie credits for having worked magic in the engine bay, installing the SR20 that makes this beast purr like a kitten.

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Follow the build at Gostlrs S13 240SX – Sr20det – Narcissistic Car Club

Article by: Kat Montgomery
Pictures by: Dennis Minter

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