In the automotive mecca that Phoenix is, we are so accustomed to seeing a stunning sea of imports at almost every function, that it may be easy for some to forget the beauty that exists within the domestic creations. Thankfully, this month Desert Street Scene spoke with Extreme Performance Tuning, a shop that makes it their goal to remind the valley that American built autos still have a very strong and powerful presence in the area. The 5,000 square foot shop sits tucked away on Bullard Avenue in Goodyear, like a hidden treasure in the small suite filled lot. However, this jewel is anything but a secret as Marty Lisowski and his team are constantly working to tune and turbo the many vehicles that drive through their bay doors on a daily basis.


     After climbing into the driver’s seat of his father’s 1968 Ford Fairlane when he was 8, and eventually under its hood by the time he was 10, Marty knew that he was destined to spend his life as an automotive enthusiast; still, it wasn’t until roughly five years ago that he decided to take his passion and turn it into a career. After putting a twin turbo into his 2006 Mustang he began looking for someone to tune it correctly, but what he had expected to be an easy task quickly became mission impossible, as the hunt for the right shop seemed to drag on and on. What was meant to be a simple tune was suddenly turning into a moneypit as various shops attempted to tune the domestic, though never really succeeding in doing so properly. “I was unhappy, and they always wanted more and more money. I just thought to myself that this isn’t right. I thought, if I ever do this, it’s gonna be different for me, people are gonna get their money’s worth. I’ll do it honestly.” So that’s exactly what he set out to do.


     After some time studying under Greg Banish, Mr. Lisowski began working in a shop that primarily focused on Foxbodys, but after a twist in fate, he relocated to his current location and officially opened the doors of Extreme Performance Tuning. And now, years later, he and his team not only perform tunes on GMs, Fords, and Chryslers, they also expertly customize American performance vehicles, often in complete “sleeper” fashion by tucking the engine modifications out of sight, so that even when the hood is popped, it still appears to be nothing more than stock, and all of which is done without the typical upselling techniques that you may find in other shops. “I don’t carry any products in shop because if I had a buy-in with a certain product, I would have to push it, and I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to push any product. If something is good, I’ll let you know; if it isn’t, I’ll let you know that too.”


     Marty and his employees recognize that their customers don’t look at their vehicles as merely a mode of transportation, but see them as something more, which is why each car and truck that enters the garage at Extreme Performance Tuning receives superior service and attention. So whether they’re pulling out a car’s centrifugal supercharger to replace with a twin turbo setup, gutting out the interior to make room for a custom designed roll cage, restoring an old Ford pickup, or just providing a quick tune, each job is done with the knowledge that the vehicle they are working on is someone’s passion, and they respect that. That’s probably because Extreme Performance Tuning isn’t just made up of a team that only loves what they do, but they also love who they do it for. As such, not only do they proudly serve the valley, but also host charitable events twice a year to benefit non-profits in the Phoenix area. Their next event has yet to have been given a definite date, as they are waiting for it to cool down before anything is put in stone, but they do tell us that they are planning a day full of dyno runs and great food, with all proceeds going to benefit charity.


     With so much enthusiasm and passion for the work they do, combined with their commitment to provide the best services that they can to the valley, it’s easy to see that there are no limitations on where this shop can go, and when asked what they hope to see happen in the future they place no limitations on themselves either. Still, when asked if they could picture expanding to add a secondary location or moving to a larger garage, Marty paused for a moment before replying sincerely, “No, not really. I’m afraid that when you get too big, you lose sight of the customer”. Of course with an attitude like that, it’s a safe bet that no matter how big they get, the customer won’t ever lose sight of Extreme Performance Tuning.

Article by: Kat Montgomery






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