In today’s society people use their motor vehicles as nothing more than an easy way to transport themselves from point A to point B. But at what point does that mode of transportation become more than just a motor vehicle? At what point does it transform into something that takes on the form of an ever evolving, always in motion, living canvas?


As with many car enthusiasts we fall into this latter category, where we can’t stop making our vehicle more and more extreme. Either with more camber, wider tires, or scraping it on the ground because being that low is all we may want. Or we may modify it in a different fashion where we may need it to function while still being able to break necks when driving it around town. Whatever your fancy is, we all want it to be to our liking.


Jake Cohoe’s wagon is a perfect canvas for a functioning neck turner.


It started with a blue MK4 VW Jetta wagon. It seems like there’s always that kicking off point for everyone. For him it started with just needing a practical vehicle to help carry him and his buddies’ BMX bikes around AZ to the many different spots they frequent. This all began in December 2011. That’s when the snowball effect began.


“It quickly turned into something I wanted to customize and be a part of the VW scene.” Said Jake.

It has now carried on into his new VW wagon.


This new wagon is very similar to his first build. If it’s not broken don’t try and fix it. This VW displays a clean build done right! It’s a beautiful canvas to begin with and with the added accent of the Alzor 020 wheels, coming in at a nice size of 18×9 +25, and it being lowered to a nice ride height makes for a very practical daily driver. Spec D headlights lavish the road with lighting for Jakes excursions into the Phoenix night, and you can see that the hood is no ordinary hood. No, this is where the art truly comes to the forefront of this Volkswagen. A one off Sharpie paint job has been drawn on by Jake himself, and it goes with hi personality perfectly. This isn’t your average slap a sticker bomb pack on and call it a day. No, this is a true work of art taking approximately 40Hrs to complete.


Heading to the roof, and sticking with the guide line of having a Volkswagen that is very much all about being able to haul your gear around, we see that it is topped off with a Thule 2 bike carrying rack.


Now with any car that you would be spending hours every day driving to and from work or school, you have to have some sort of sound system to enjoy your daily commute. Jake’s sound system is done nicely with a Pioneer touch screen head unit, Kenwood amp, and 2 Rockford Fosgate 12” Punch subs. This allows him to enjoy his favorite tunes while driving in the busy PHX traffic.


With any build nothing is ever done without some outside help. Jake’s parents have been available for the many tows that have been needed, and his brother Brett has been there to help as well as his partner in crime Jose Martinez. Paul Podobea, at The Pure Culture, has been a big support for Jake as well as Greg Gaskins and Julian Johnson for so much time and help. And another shout out to Chris and Ashley, the Washington natives, and the guys at Affordable German and of course anyone else who contribured to making my car what it is today. Lastly a thanks to Desert Street Scene for the article and support.

So what makes a beautiful painting?

Is it something extreme or something simple? The Mona Lisa is a beautiful example of a simple painting done exquisitely. This wagon is a wonderful example of simple but well executed modifications. They are done practically and still look great doing it. Jake Cohoe’s VW checks all the right boxes for a wagon done well.


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