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     Food is food, but a teaspoon of too much salt changes the flavor of the dish. Art is art, but a single misplaced stroke will ruin the painting. A kiss is a kiss, but if given at the wrong time it kills the mood. Why? Because details matter. It’s the small, and seemingly insignificant things that alter the outcome of every aspect of our lives, whether it be dinner, art, romance…or cars. Brian McCann, the owner and co-founder of AZEXILED, knew the importance of details and the weight of each choice he made when building his 2005 Nissan 350Z, resulting in no part being left unconsidered, from the color of his wrap against the color of his wheels down to the burnt titanium fasteners that hold it all together. It was this attention to detail which also resulted in the team at Desert Street Scene dying to know more about this totally original build.

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     It was after having owned and built a Z32 that Brian decided he wanted something new, so without so much as a test drive he purchased his 350 in 2005, leaving the lot ready to add his signature flair to the blank slate. His style is one that many may consider difficult to define, though Mr. McCann found no problem in labeling it for us, saying that he considers himself as always being over the top and unique with his builds, and that he isn’t afraid to go beyond what is considered to be popular or trendy. With this car specifically, he drew inspiration from Japanese auto culture, envisioning something along the lines of a highly modified, top speed vehicle that would overload the senses, would be an aggressive time attack vehicle, and that could also still be considered a true street car. In continuing with his inspiration from Japanese culture, Brian plated his Z “L4KAIJU” (level 4 kaiju), with the word kaiju literally translating to monster. This was an excellent choice for the vehicle, as much like Frankenstein’s monster, the 350 was built by bolting together mismatched parts to create something new, unique, and a little terrifying.

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     We all know that no build, especially one of this magnitude, can ever be entirely problem free and Brian’s Z was no exception to this. The process of taking his stock vehicle to the impressive one that now receives so much love was one that took many years, and it was with the aid of countless people like his manufacturer sponsors, friends, and sponsoring local shops that helped to take Mr. McCann’s vision and turn it into the drivable reality it is today, with the body itself being where a good bit of time and effort was needed. Brian knew he wanted something that was original and could not be replicated so he purchased parts that previously had not been conceived as pieces that should be paired together, but by cutting, blending, and reshaping things with his own ideas and design direction, along with body work expertise from his friends at Kazoku, they were able to make something stunning that had lines that flowed and matched from piece to piece. They cut and reshaped the front bumper wheel openings and front curvatures, blended multiple fender pieces to create the appearance that nothing else was ever there, and balanced the lines and aggressiveness of each piece to create a unified feeling to the car as a whole. The result is something that is previously unseen and that is impossible to replicate.

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     In addition to all the creative work that was done utilizing pieces from multiple wide body kits, the exterior of this one of a kind build includes handmade splitters, and a plethora of carbon fiber pieces such as his diffuser, spoiler, duckbill, hatch, roof, and hood. The look of this beautiful beast is completed by his wheels that are Forgestar F14 concave with effective offsets of 19×11-6 and 19×11-44, and the Toyo Proxes r888 tires that he has all around. Not wanting to have to sacrifice appearance for functionality, this Z is bagged with both UAS Aerosport and Airhouse 1 bags, run off of an Accuair E Level rocker system with dual pumps and exo-mounts, and coupled with Stance LX coilovers. Under the hood is a fully built and polished vq35 DE using CP pistons on Crower Sportsman rods, as well as a Powerlab revised single turbo kit using a Precision 6266 CEA ball bearing turbo, and Tial blow off valve and wastegate. There is a CJM stage 0 return fuel system,  and  a JWT lightweight flywheel and full faced semi metallic clutch combo tucked away into the immaculate engine bay, while a Tomei full titanium single exhaust with a 3” Doug’s guillotine style cutout at the downpipe and Apexi exhaust valve controller are hidden beneath. These many single pieces when joined together create a lightning fast whole, especially when combined with his Uprev Osiris tuning giving him 650whp using VP Fuels Q16, and 527whp on standard pump gas 91.

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     Our moms always told us that what’s inside counts too and boy were they right! Brian delineated his attention to detail in his interior as well, which is evident when you sit in his modified, low seat bases with Sparco Chrono road seats with Takata drift 3 harnesses that are attached to an Enjuku harness bar. Mr. McCann added an Apexi Smart Accel pedal controller and turbo timer, TWM shift gear, and Marshal gauges to the long list of his interior mods, as well as a Nardi black edition deep corn wheel  that changes up the VIP style by giving it a touch of racing flair. Utilizing the full catalog of carbon fiber parts from EVO-R, in conjunction with several custom pieces, along with suede interior throughout, this car is every enthusiast’s dream. The inside of this car is more than just looks though, as it offers you an excellent audio experience thanks to Brian’s Alpine w505 with imprint sound processing, Boston Pro 60se speakers, JL Audio 13tw5 flat sub, Aline PDX 4.150 and 1.1000 amps.

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     After all his hard work on building this beast, Brian isn’t currently planning on doing any massive overhauls to the car for a while. However, he does intend on doing some smaller changes like having the vehicle see some different colors and wraps, along with toying with the idea of changing the front bumper, redoing his Sparco seats in alcantara to match his interior, and perhaps changing his current carbon fiber Garage Mak duckbill to a Stardast one. Even without these additional modifications considered the Z is certain to be a favorite at any meet it rolls up to, and though it has yet to be entered for show since its unveiling this past July, there is no doubt that when it does it will be a guaranteed winner, especially since it has already taken home several awards prior to the extensive build, two of which being from the 2013 Hot Import Nights show in Phoenix. With having created such an amazing vehicle that draws so much attention no matter where it’s taken, it would be so easy to let the fifteen minutes of fame go to his head, but Brian simply said, “I built the car for me, but I knew I wanted to show that the platform wasn’t dead, and I wanted to inspire other people to up the bar and push their creativity. The scene needs that right now…badly.  People have been wonderfully supportive, and I’m humbly very thankful that my effort panned out and is being embraced as it has been.  This car runs on gas, not ego, there’s zero of that here. It’s a Z, and an old one; it’s not a Lambo, so I know where I stand still.”

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     Many of Mr. McCann’s modifications are the result of the generous sponsorships he’s received from businesses such as Accuair Suspension, APEX’I, EVO-R.net, Extreme Auto Concepts, Fully Torqued Racing, GTSPEC, Kozaku Auto, Mishimoto, Spy Optics, Stardast, Takata Racing, Toyo Tires, and VIS Racing, but, unfortunately, with so many modifications having been done on this build it is nearly impossible to list them all, so our best recommendation is for you to simply look for Brian at any of the valley’s meets or shows because pictures cannot do this car justice, and without seeing or experiencing the parts as the singular moving piece of art that it is, one is unable to fully appreciate how much effort has been put into this creation.


Article by: Kat Montgomery

Photos by: MCX Photography

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