This month Desert Street Scene was excited to get the opportunity to highlight Nathan Nellessen and his sleek RSX. Like many of us who identify ourselves as being car enthusiasts, when asked what his biggest influence was, he mentioned without hesitation The Fast and Furious franchise and Paul Walker, saying “Who didn’t get into cars after that?!”. He then added that his true passion stems from “the love of clean JDM builds; they are always fascinating, clean, and simple, instead of rice and not nice”. His response prompted us to ask more specifically, what the draw of this vehicle was for him and why he originally selected his 2002 Acura two years ago. Nathan replied, “Because, the RSX has so much potential, and not many people own a clean one now a days”. And keeping with his self-proclaimed style of “clean OEM JDM goodness”, it’s easy to tell that he isn’t just keeping it simple, he’s keeping it classy too.


Keeping a car looking clean can be difficult to do when you begin to modify them; this isn’t a problem for Nathan though, which is obvious as you check out his car’s JDM black housing headlights with 8K HIDS, Type R spoiler, Skunk 2 Megapower RR 3” exhaust, and the plethora of other JDM and OEM parts that turn an already beautiful car into a piece of rolling art. His BWR lower control arms, subframe brace, and sway bar add an extra touch to the vehicle that can’t be forgotten, but the fun doesn’t truly begin until Nathan’s hood is popped, revealing an engine bay that is easily any car enthusiast’s playground. Hasport motor mounts securely support the JDM K20A engine that he swapped out the original K20A2 with, causing an increase from 200 to 216 peak horsepower at 8300 rpms. The Odyssey PC860 battery has been relocated to the trunk, allowing nothing to chance drawing attention from the RBC manifold, PLM race header, or Password JDM carbon fiber intake, though there will be some extreme competition for these parts when he gets his boosted K24 swap done, which is only one of the many exciting plans in this vehicle’s future. With so many awesome modifications already done, we had to know which one was his favorite, and Nathan was happy to tell us. “My favorite mod is my suspension [referring to his K Sport coilovers]; I love the low, low life and having the feeling like I’m gliding along the streets.”

moday shoot-2moday shoot-3


With having done so many performance and cosmetic modifications to his car, we wondered if he had experienced any issues as he changed out parts, or even in just using it as his daily. It appears that the only problem he has continuously experienced is one that many of us can relate to: as soon as he gets a new part, another random part breaks. Obviously, with the vehicle being over a decade old, it’s understandable that parts seem to need replacing all the time, but Nathan doesn’t let it get him down. This could be due partially to the support of those who have all contributed to not only his fantastic build, but in encouraging the growth of his passion as well. In thanks for this, Nathan decided to recognize them by saying, “Shout out to Tanner and Nick at BWR for the sponsorship and helping my dreams come true. Also a shout out to Javier and Justin at Team JDM Fresh for believing in me, Randall Flotten and Jarred for being hard asses and always jazzing me and giving me shit, Chet at SRD in Tempe, Ben at Enjoy Racing, and Desert Street Scene for being a cool crowd of good people and putting on shows that are dope. And I want to give a shout out to all my car friends and those in my life that share the same passion…and to the haters of course, ‘cause you make me famous”.

Article by: Kat Montgomery
Photos by: Famous Photography




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