Car enthusiasts tend to get a bad reputation. People outside of our passion often appear to picture us as being perfectly represented by the worst parts of every automotive film, but what they don’t know about us is that we are a family. Yes, auto enthusiasts may differ in what their definition of “rice” is, may argue between what is the best choice between coils and bags, and may even have strong opinions as to whether domestic or import is the greatest type of vehicle, but at the end of the day, what it all comes down to is that we are a community comprised of many, all with one shared love…at the end of the day it all comes down to the fact that as auto enthusiasts we are a family that supports each other. This common thread definitely pulled the valley together on July 25th as enthusiasts came out strong to support Ernesto Jr. Sarmiento by attempting to raise funds and awareness for his kidney failure. Both east and west siders flocked to RC’s Garage for the car wash and meet, and a better location for the event couldn’t have been chosen.

     Sitting tucked away in an industrial area is RC Chacon’s well renowned garage that, though it may appear modest to the untrained eye, is actually a rebirthing center to many vehicles; it is here that junkyard finds can (and often are) transformed into high end, show quality rides. Unfortunately, though the shop is famous and the work done there is incomparable, the lot was not designed to hold an event of this magnitude, but those in attendance were not deterred by this, and simply parked along the street and in neighboring lots, filling up every empty space circling the block with automotive beauty. After less than half an hour into the event, the feel was less of the typical lot style meet and felt more like a street fair as enthusiasts walked around eating popcorn, drinking slushies, listening to music, and visiting the vendor booths that sporadically were placed among the majestic cars that were rolling in. While there were so many amazing vehicles there, including a breathtaking NSX, orgasm inducing Subies, gorgeous Skylines, and a plethora of sexy Lexuses, the show stopper and neckbreaker in attendance was the debut of Brian McCann’s newly modified Nissan 350Z, which drew crowds the majority of the show.

     In spite of the heat the event was packed, delineating the love that valley enthusiasts not only have for a great meet but also for a great cause. We at Desert Street Scene thank those responsible for having hosted an awesome event, and also send our most sincere of best wishes to Ernesto Jr. Sarmiento, with hopes of a speedy recovery.

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Pictures by: Dennis Minter
Written by: Kat Montgomery

The images below were taken by Craig Diamond, for more pics from this photographer you can find him on Instagram @1st.up

image1 (1280x857)image2 (1280x857)image3 (1280x857)image4 (1280x857)image5 (1280x857)image6 (1280x857)image7 (1280x857)image8 (1280x857)

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