The threat of rain was not enough to prevent the valley’s auto scene from coming out strong for April’s Beat the Heat meet, hosted by Arizona Instagram Meets. Vehicles first began pouring off of Frank Lloyd Wright into the designated parking lot hours before the meet was even scheduled to begin, and by 8pm, with still an hour left until the event start time, parking spaces were scarce and difficult to find. Determined to not miss the meet due to something as trivial as unavailable parking, many cars lined up on the sidewalk in front of the businesses that shared the lot, adding an epic (though somewhat frowned upon) look to an event that was already every auto enthusiast’s dream. From cars rocking legit carbon fiber to custom chameleon wraps, Hondas to BMWs, and trucks to bikes, it seemed that everyone was guaranteed to find something that they could obsess over…or at bare minimum, post a pic of on Instagram.

IMG_2490 (1280x853)IMG_2297 (1280x853)

The amazing diversity among the IG meets and the inter-crew mingling that occurs there was the original purpose and goal that the team at Arizona Instagram Meets started out with when they first began hosting the IG meets. According to an anonymous source, the idea for IG simply came about “from a conversation about wanting to create a meet that mixed all types of cars instead of separating them out, and creating an event in which everyone could enjoy each other’s cars without the typical arguments that arise.” Obviously that goal has been achieved, and thanks in large to the huge following that has been created after only four events they are also being approached by vendors who are interested in securing booth space, and are currently open to considering sponsorships from businesses who would like to work with them on the promotion of IG. The future for Arizona Instagram Meets looks bright, which is great for enthusiasts across the valley who want nothing more than to know when we can expect the next IG meet to happen. Unfortunately, Arizona Instagram Meets has not set a date as of yet for their next event, but they do know that they plan to keep with the same great location, and hope to have more trash receptacles available and see less requests for burnouts.

IMG_2494 (1280x853)IMG_2477 (1280x853)IMG_2470 (1280x853)IMG_2465 (1280x853)IMG_2461 (1280x853)IMG_2452 (1280x853)IMG_2450 (1280x853)IMG_2448 (1280x853)IMG_2446 (1280x853)IMG_2443 (1280x853)IMG_2436 (1280x853)IMG_2435 (1280x853)IMG_2433 (1280x853)IMG_2432 (1280x853)IMG_2431 (1280x853)IMG_2426 (1280x853)IMG_2424 (1280x853)IMG_2423 (1280x853)IMG_2405 (1280x853)IMG_2404 (1280x853)IMG_2398 (1280x853)IMG_2383 (1280x853)IMG_2382 (1280x853)IMG_2381 (1280x853)IMG_2380 (1280x853)IMG_2379 (1280x853)IMG_2378 (1280x853)IMG_2377 (1280x853)IMG_2374 (1280x853)IMG_2373 (1280x853)IMG_2354 (1280x853)IMG_2349 (1280x853)IMG_2347 (1280x853)IMG_2342 (1280x853)IMG_2340 (1280x853)IMG_2339 (1280x853)IMG_2333 (1280x853)IMG_2329 (1280x853)IMG_2299 (1280x853)_MG_2440 (1280x719)_MG_2427 (1280x719)_MG_2418 (1280x719)_MG_2417 (1280x719)_MG_2416 (1280x719)_MG_2414 (1280x719)_MG_2413 (1280x719)_MG_2412 (1280x719)_MG_2411 (1280x719)_MG_2410 (1280x719)_MG_2409 (1280x719)_MG_2394 (1280x719)_MG_2392 (1280x719)_MG_2391 (1280x719)_MG_2390 (1280x719)_MG_2389 (1280x719)_MG_2388 (1280x719)_MG_2386 (1280x719)_MG_2385 (1280x719)_MG_2375 (1280x719)_MG_2364 (1280x719)_MG_2358 (1280x719)_MG_2341 (1280x719)_MG_2323 (1280x719)_MG_2322 (1280x719)_MG_2318 (1280x719)_MG_2317 (1280x719)_MG_2316 (1280x719)_MG_2315 (1280x719)_MG_2314 (1280x719)_MG_2313 (1280x719)_MG_2312 (1280x719)_MG_2311 (1280x719)_MG_2310 (1280x719)_MG_2309 (1280x719)_MG_2306 (1280x719)_MG_2305 (1280x719)_MG_2304 (1280x719)_MG_2302 (1280x719)_MG_2290 (1280x719)_MG_2281 (1280x719)_MG_2280 (1280x719)_MG_2276 (1280x719)_MG_2275 (1280x719)_MG_2274 (1280x719)_MG_2272 (1280x719)_MG_2270 (1280x719)_MG_2269 (1280x719)_MG_2266 (1280x719)

Article by: Kat Montgomery
Pictures by: Dennis Minter

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