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     Every enthusiast loves their car otherwise they wouldn’t have invested the time and money into building it, but it isn’t always true that every enthusiast loves their car’s make or model when it is being built by someone else. This isn’t the case for Jeff Sides, whose love for all Scions has afforded him the rare and distinguishable opportunity to be named as a Scion Ambassador by the Scion Corporation in recognition of the massive effort he has put into hosting his AZ86Bashes and in his largely successful founding of Arizona86 Car Club, of which he is the president. But where did his love for Scion begin? While the answer to that is somewhat difficult to pinpoint, its existence certainly became vastly apparent in 2012 when he excitedly purchased his FRS. He had been working at Toyota for many years, and knew he wanted a 2 Door, RWD sports car that could fit his lifestyle, so when his dealership received their first truckload of the 2013 beauties he knew this would be the vehicle that would be the perfect fit for his style. You may wonder what automotive style Jeff best defines himself as having, in which this specific car could be seen as being such an excellent match for, to which Mr. Sides would simply answer as being, “I think of my style as not too loud, but it needs to stick out in the crowd; sleek and put together well, like it was all meant to come that way”. And after seeing what he has done to his build, we certainly wouldn’t disagree that his vehicle is anything but exactly that.

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     This burnt orange beast is definitely an attention getter with its full black lip kit, side skirts, and rear diffuser. Jeff continued the orange and black color theme of his exterior by adding various black vinyl accents as well as black hydro dipping to his mirror caps and spoiler, and by blacking out his headlight housings, thereby giving a sleek and cohesive look to his exterior. Standard silver 18” TSW wheels with a polished lip finish off the look by taking the two colors and adding a pop of something more to the mix. The trim and dash panels within have been fully hydro dipped in exact match to his exterior’s paint, with the added appeal of a carbon fiber like pattern to take the look to a whole new level. Upon popping open the trunk you see 2 12″ MTX 7500 series subwoofers with a MTX 1501D mono block amp, which are controlled by his 2 farad power capacitor BeSpoke head unit. Mr. Sides also recruited several friends from within the scene to aid him as he installed his Duel Radium catch cans and his Speed by Design Turbo that, when combined with his Moto East flex fuel kit running on E85, grants him 330HP to the wheels, which is definitely nothing to sneeze at for only a day’s worth of garage time. His full exhaust system set up was procured through his full sponsorship that he receives from Agency Power.

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     Mr. Sides has found his largest source of influence to have come from his peers within the enthusiast community, and he spoke highly of the untapped potential for information, advice, and creative opinions that often lead to far greater artistic automotive options being developed by simply talking to people within the scene. To date, though the road has been at times long for him and his FRS, he hasn’t experienced any major types of problems with his build, other than the exception of working hard to meet various timelines that he himself had set for specific aspects of his build. The future for this gorgeous little dream is simultaneously both uncertain and perfectly clear, as Jeff is always eager to push the envelope and see what he can do to further make his vehicle a one of a kind, however, at the moment, his only immediate plan is mostly focusing on working a little more on his suspension and his stopping power. Though there are currently no trophies under this car’s belt, we at Desert Street Scene are certain that it is only a matter of time before we start seeing big things from Jeff and his FRS, and for all those awards to come rolling in.

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Article by: Kat Montgomery

Pictures by: Dennis Minter

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