_MG_5991 (1280x853)

     We held our 2015 Summer Kickoff on June 20th at Phoenix Indoor Karting, welcoming the warm weather in with music, trophies, racing, and awesome cars. Hundreds of enthusiasts attended the event in spite of the sweltering heat, resulting in such a high attendance that the event surpassed the lot capacity! But even then we made it work, lining an entire crew along the main entry point, up on curbs, and in various less than traditional parking spaces throughout the lot. The lot wasn’t the only packed spot that night though because Phoenix Indoor Karting enjoyed a pretty good turnout as well, thanks to the racing specials offered to show participants and their air conditioned bar that provided a great spot to relax and cool down. Overall, the Summer Kickoff was a blast and the team at Desert Street Scene wants to thank everyone who attended; it’s thanks to the support of the enthusiasts in the valley that we get to do what we love!

_MG_5932 (1280x853)_MG_5951 (1280x853)_MG_5948 (1280x853)_MG_5950 (1280x853)_MG_5954 (1280x853)_MG_5958 (1280x853)_MG_5961 (1280x853)_MG_6005 (1280x719)_MG_6021 (1280x719)_MG_6027 (1280x719)_MG_6029 (1280x719)_MG_6018 (1280x719)_MG_6024 (1280x719)_MG_6030 (1280x719)_MG_6031 (1280x719)_MG_6039 (1280x719)_MG_6000 (1280x719)_MG_6016 (1280x719)_MG_6020-2 (1280x719)_MG_6077 (1280x719)_MG_6059 (1280x719)_MG_6081 (1280x719)_MG_6022 (1280x719)_MG_6080 (1280x719)_MG_6078 (1280x719)_MG_6048 (1280x719)_MG_6062 (1280x719)_MG_6033 (1280x719)_MG_6065 (1280x719)_MG_6061 (1280x719)_MG_6050 (1280x719)_MG_6054 (1280x719)_MG_6047 (1280x719)_MG_6046 (1280x719)_MG_6009 (1280x719)_MG_6060 (1280x719)_MG_6045 (1280x719)_MG_6044 (1280x719)_MG_6041 (1280x719)_MG_6035 (1280x719)_MG_6073 (1280x719)_MG_6032 (1280x719)_MG_6042 (1280x719)_MG_6025 (1280x719)_MG_6019 (1280x719)

Pictures by: Dennis Minter

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